Arlen Ness Digital Rendering

How does a company get product shots online and in catalogs before they actually have product in hand? Acuity answered that question for Arlen Ness Enterprises with our digital rendering skills. Check out the video or the Arlen Ness Project Page to learn more.    

Acuity Design’s Work on the Indian Scout

As is the case with nearly all of the projects we work on (and because we take client confidentiality VERY seriously), we’re unable to talk about our work until the product is released to the public. Earlier this year, Indian Motorcycles re-released the iconic Scout with some design help from Acuity. You can check out […]

James Fields: Acuity Partner & Outdoor Enthusiast

James holds a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin, an MS in Education from Concordia University Wisconsin and has done further graduate work in applied mathematics at the University of Montana. He worked for seven years as an engineer at Mercury Marine and Kohler Engines, and then three years as adjunct faculty […]

Michael Manhardt: There has to be a better way!

MICHAEL MANHARDT Michael has been applying technology to create simple concepts for products or solutions to household problems for as long as he can remember. His goal is to give people the tools and knowledge so they never again ask themselves the question “why didn’t I think of that”? Michael Manhardt earned a Mechanical Engineering […]

Featured Project

Challenge: Create an appealing, modern styled, Vermiculture container. Client: Claudia LaRance, owner Claudia’s Worms When Claudia LaRance contacted Acuity Design, she didn’t realize the level of detail that would go into the design of a simple worm composting system. Her product at the time was a simple plastic storage bin that she drilled air holes […]

On 3D Printed Guns

Well, if Joe Public hadn’t heard of 3D printing before, he’s certainly heard of it now.  Last week, Defense Distributed, AKA law student Cody Wilson and friends, released printable STL files of the “world’s first” “fully” 3D printed gun, the Liberator, along with a video of it being fired.  Once.  

Our 3D Printers are Internet Famous!

SciShow, a popular YouTube channel covering science and technology produced here in Missoula by the brilliant Hank Green and his super talented production crew, recently stopped by Acuity World HQ to get some footage of our 3D printers for a segment on 3D printing.

A Great First Friday Turnout!

Good thing no one called the fire marshall on Friday night.  Our office was jam-packed with people for three hours straight hoping to get a look at some 3D printing in action and check out the printed artwork on display during our Hot Plastic and Robots show.  Thanks to all who turned out and braved […]