Michael has been applying technology to create simple concepts for products or solutions to household problems for as long as he can remember. His goal is to give people the tools and knowledge so they never again ask themselves the question “why didn’t I think of that”?

Michael Manhardt earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin and has worked in product development for over 10 years. He has spent time at world-class manufacturers such as Harley Davidson, Polaris Industries, and Waukesha Engines in various capacities that allowed him to gain expertise in all aspects of the product development process. After receiving his MBA from the University of Montana in 2011 he founded Acuity Design.

Michael’s goal with life and work is always to challenge normal and try to help others live the mantra: “There has to be a better way!”

In between working and caring for his two dogs, Michael can be found in his garage with a cold can of PBR in one hand and a wrench in the other. He has been an avid mechanic and fabricator that has led him to owning various motorcycles, bicycles, junk cars, and even a kids dirt bike that runs exclusively on jet fuel. In order to justify his facial hair growing Michael explores the back-country on snowboards, cross-country skis, and mountain bikes, plays league hockey, and harvests ungulates.

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