Acuity Design has extensive experience with a variety of 3D Computer Aided Design (3D CAD) software titles to bring an idea from just a thought or a few napkin sketches, to a working virtual model. This model can be adjusted, analyzed, animated, rendered, and even 3D printed. We currently are proficient and licensed to use PTC’s Pro/Engineer Wildfire, PTC Creo Parametric, and Solidworks.

CAD is a very powerful design tool that every engineer should have in their tool box. Using CAD software, parts can be created and assembled into configurations that simulate an actual working product. These assemblies can be manipulated or animated to show the product functioning to help find problems that may arise.  Material properties can be applied to the CAD model so that weights and durability can be analyzed.

Using CAD to find problems in the virtual world before any physical models are created will help avoid costly mistakes. The use of CAD will ensure you are confident and satisfied with your product before a physical model or functional prototype is created.

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