3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is knocking down the financial and logistical barriers that have traditionally prevented inventors from prototyping their ideas.  3D printers work similarly to inkjet printers, but have an additional axis of movement allowing the print surface to move away from the print head, and print plastic or metal instead of ink.  By depositing many successive layers of material an object is fully formed.

Until recently only large companies could afford 3D printing services, but 3D printers have rapidly become cheaper and more capable over the last several years. We have multiple fused filament Helix 3D printers in house to prototype designs quickly and cheaply. We also work with several reliable 3D printing services with SLS (selective laser sintering) capabilities if your prototype requires extreme resolution.

Our 3D printing service is also a great alternative to expensive plastic injection molding for small quantities (<100). We can effectively produce parts for beta and market testing at a fraction of the cost of injection molding.

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