Challenge: Create a heated, all-leather seat for a luxury touring motorcycle.


The Indian Roadmaster project was the most challenging injection-molded design Acuity has taken on. The seat’s styling had to align with Indian Motorcycle’s industrial design team’s vision and had to include heating for those cold rides. The design included a one-piece, injection-molded base, all while maintaining ample foam thickness that’s expected of a luxury touring motorcycle.

The Acuity team worked closely with Indian Motorcycle’s engineers to ensure proper clearances to a large amount of under-seat components. Acuity also had to seamlessly blend the seat’s heating elements, switches, foam, and leather flawlessly. The first step of the process was to create several concept sketches in conjunction with Indian’s industrial design team. Acuity staff then went to work laying out a rough design in Creo 3D CAD software to ensure all components were accounted for and packaging requirements were met. Acuity then created a refined CAD assembly that included ready-for-manufacturing 3D digital models of the injection-molded seat base, seat foam, and seat leather. Before the manufacturing tooling money was committed, a prototype of the seat base was created, and, finally, a prototype of the entire seat with input from manufacturers was assembled.

The final product is a motorcycle seat comfortable enough for long days in the saddle for even the most discerning of posteriors. You can take our word for it, or you can check out Acuity’s work on the Indian Roadmaster at your nearest Indian dealership.

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