Challenge: Create a custom extrusion die for a very uniquely formulated energy bar.

Omnibar CAD

OMNIBAR is a very unique and innovative product that needed a very unique and innovative solution for their manufacturing equipment. OMNIBAR’s founder Cooper Burchenal came to Acuity to solve the problem and Acuity definitely had to Challenge Normal to solve the issue. How to create a food-safe extrusion die that consistently created the shape OMNIBAR needed, while mating to OMNIBAR’s existing equipment and sealing?

The design process began with reverse engineering and creating 3D CAD models for the equipment the new extrusion die would mate to. From there, several iterations of the die were designed and rapid prototyped until the desired shape of the energy bar was achieved. The final design was then CNC milled from a block of food-grade plastic and installed at OMNIBAR’s facility for production.

Grab an OMNIBAR for yourself and taste the results! Our favorite is the chipotle barbecue!

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