Challenge: Create a robust ski and snowboard accessory in a tiny package.



Ski Bling founder and inventor Greg Drapes got in touch with Acuity Design to redesign his Ski Bling product for better durability, functionality and manufacture-ability. With the use of Finite Element Analysis, we quickly identified key areas in the Ski Bling attachment point that required added material to avoid future fatigue failures. Material change of the attachment point was also key in bolstering the design.

We got in touch with the product manufacturer and collaborated with them to change the design for ease of manufacturing and cost savings, while still maintaining structural integrity and functionality. We also produced several digital photo renders and animations at Greg’s request for marketing and to make sure the look and feel of the product was correct before he committed capital for manufacturing. Acuity’s collaboration with Ski Bling’s patent attorney was also key in Ski Bling’s successful patent award. Look for Ski Bling on the slopes this winter!


Ski Bling